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Panchatantra Stories

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  1. Nice stories my dear friend. U reach a great goal in very short time.

  2. You are doing very great job . you convey our tamil tradition to new generation , this is very great job . thank you .

  3. Really nice stories.

    I used to read and tell to my kids. they enzoi much.

    thanks for publishing these stories.

  4. You r doing great work to liitle people!!
    Is it possible to download these stories in print friendly /pdf format?
    Do u publish them as books?

    1. Thanks ASP. Yes you can download the individual stories in pdf format to print. Soon you will get download link for all the stories. Currently we are in the process for creating pdf files. Thanks once again.

  5. nice job sir...
    I want a history abt sengiskaan and idi amin... please send in tamil pdf format to my email id....

    1. Munna.. Thanks for your interest with TamilSirukathaigal.com. I will let you once i have added..

  6. Good job... Thanks .. My 9 year old son likes to read the stories...

  7. வணக்கம்,
    உங்களின் இந்த படைப்பு பயன்மிக்க ஒன்று.
    என்னை மிகவும் கவா்ந்து விட்டது.
    மிக்க நன்றி.


  8. the stories are very nice.I really enjoy a lot.

  9. Thank You Dinesh for your wonderful work. This is very helpful for Overseas Tamil parents to teach the language with more interesting way with good illustrations. I am feeling very proud i am going to make Tamil last for another generation in my family. I live in Singapore and my kids are learning Tamil as second language in school .

  10. Dear Team

    Good. super stoeires. I want to more details in Hitler life. He is greater man. We need to india.

  11. Hello ppl,

    The stories are very short and crisp. The wordings are in a readable manner and the way it portrays attracts the readers. Good work. Keep it up. Expecting more :)

    Thank you.

  12. Dear Dinesh,

    you Doing very Good Job.. pls Update More Info & More Legends Life History like (Michela Jackson, Chadrabose, Neppolian, Aristatil) and Try to Upload a True Event, True Stories + Horror Stories.. etc
    Keep Update


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